Do not be reckless using magic wipes when having sex

It is believed that magical wipes solve the problem of premature ejaculation experienced by men. This fabric is used by rubbing it in the penis just before sex, so that an erection can last a long time. However, how effective and safe?

magic wipes

Magical wipes are wet wipes that are believed to be useful for preventing early ejaculation in men. This product works numbing the penis or numb, so that the user does not feel the feeling of penetration during sex.

Do not arbitrarily use magic wipes 

To use it, you only need to apply the magical tissue to the penis slowly until it is distributed evenly. After that, let the tissue fluid dry. Usually, this process takes about 5-15 minutes. When you go to penetration, wash your penis that has been stained with magic wipes with warm water first.

Ingredients of magic wipes.

Based on the information that appears in the packaging, magical wipes contain:

  • Ethyl alcohol or ethanol
  • Polyethylene oxide
  • Benzalconium chloride
  • Fragrance

Not only that, some types of magic wipes also contain natural ingredients in the form of aloe vera extract that is commonly used to soften the skin, or other additives, such as triclosan and betaine cocamidopropyl.

Even though they have different content, the function of magic wipes is the same, which is to make sex a long time.

Are you using the Magic Tallas safe?

There is no guarantee that it is safe to use magic wipes. As with other products or medications, several substances contained in magic wipes can cause side effects, including allergies and skin irritation.

The following are some of the side effects of magic wipes:

1. Triclosano.

One of the substances that can cause side effects is triclosan. Several studies have found that triclosan can cause the skin to be prone to damage due to allergies and irritation, as well as antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

2. Benzalconium chloride.

Apart from Triclosan, Benzalcony chloride also has the potential to cause side effects. The side effects of this main substance that numb the penis include eruption, swelling and severe skin irritation.

3. Ethyl alcohol

It did not end there, alcohol as a substance that is quite contained in magic wipes can also cause skin problems. Substances that are often used in wound care products can cause complaints in the form of bites and skin bites.

4. Perfume

The next substance that can cause side effects is perfume. The bad news is that the side effects of perfume can occur not only when these substances are absorbed by the skin, but also when the aroma inhales. It is also known that perfume is one of the main causes of contact dermatitis.

It is not sure if the dose of the substances contained in the magic wipes is safe for health. Therefore, as much as possible, avoid using magic wipes without first consulting a doctor.

Are the magical wipes effective for premature ejaculation?

In fact, many forums discuss and recognize that magical wipes work well on increasing sexual satisfaction. But in reality, there is no medical research that has shown that magical wipes are effective to prevent or overcome early ejaculation.

The best way to improve your sexual performance is to be diligent to exercise, not smoke, reducing stress, doing kegel exercises and eating a balanced nutritious diet.

Do not hesitate to consult a doctor if you have problems with sex. The doctor will provide safe and proven effective treatment to solve your problem. - 100.00%

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