8 Long-Lasting Sex Tips to Achieve Sexual Satisfaction

8 Long-Lasting Sex Tips to Achieve Sexual Satisfaction

Long-lasting sex is one way to achieve sexual satisfaction and pleasure. Not a few couples have tried various ways to make intimate relationships last long. Want to know how? Well, the following tips you and your partner can try to do.

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The ideal duration of sex generally lasts about 7-13 minutes. However, the duration of intercourse can be influenced by many factors, from age, fatigue, to emotional conditions, such as stress, depression and anxiety disorders.

8 durable sex tips to achieve sexual gratification 

In addition, certain health problems, like hormonal disorders and erectile dysfunction, could also affect the duration of sex.

Tips for Long Lasting Sex

1. Stop sex when going to ejaculate

Men can pause penetration for 30 seconds when they feel they are about to ejaculate, then resume penetration when the sensation of ejaculation diminishes. This technique can be repeated several times during intercourse to increase the duration of intercourse.

2. Pressing the head of the penis when you want to ejaculate

The next long-lasting and safe sex tip is to press the head of the penis when you feel like ejaculating until the erection subsides. Repeat this method several times before ejaculating.

3. Implement a healthy lifestyle

Implementing a healthy lifestyle, such as quitting smoking, maintaining body weight, and exercising regularly is very good for increasing stamina. With maintained stamina, sex will last a long time.

4. Doing Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are easy to do and useful in strengthening the pelvic muscles. Although it still requires further research, Kegel exercises are considered to improve sexual performance.

5. Increase zinc intake

Eat Zinc could be obtained from various types of food, such as oysters, meat, and cereals. This mineral is very good at preventing sexual dysfunction and decreasing testosterone levels in men. This nutrient is also good for improving sperm quality and increasing fertility.

6. Eat healthy foods

Eating onions, bananas, peppers, peppers, eggs, and foods containing omega-3 and vitamin B1 can improve blood flow to the penis. This can make the penis erect easily and last a long time.

7. Taking medical or herbal drugs

Taking sildenafil medical drugs or herbal medicines, such as yohimbine, Korean red ginseng, epimedium, pasak bumi, and ginkgo biloba, can also be a solution for long-lasting sex.

However, it is advisable to consult with your doctor first if you want to take medication or supplements to make sex last longer. These various drugs or supplements may cause dangerous side effects or are not suitable for consumption by people with certain medical conditions.

8. Consult a psychologist or psychiatrist

One of the factors that affect long-lasting sex is psychological factors, such as depression and severe stress. Therefore, you or your partner can consult a psychologist or psychiatrist to deal with stress, anxiety, or other psychological problems that interfere with sexual ability.

In addition, don't forget to establish good communication with your partner to achieve mutual sexual harmony and satisfaction.

If you and your partner are having trouble achieving long-lasting sex, don't hesitate to consult a doctor or psychologist. The doctor or psychologist will conduct an examination, find out the cause, and provide appropriate treatment

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