Backache, Do You Need to Take Medication?

Backache, Do You Need to Take Medication?

He said it was an old person's disease, but it turns out that back pain can be experienced by people in their 30s. Heavy workers, athletes, pregnant women, even office employees can experience it. How to handle it? Contrary to popular opinion, it turns out that back pain can be treated without taking medication, you know.

Back pain is pain that occurs in the area below the ribs or ribs above the leg bones. Back pain that you feel can vary, from being less painful, but lasting up to 12 weeks or more (chronic), to very intense pain that comes on suddenly (acute) for a few days or a few weeks and keeps you from feeling sick. can move.

Lumbago What Need To Take Medicine 

This He Causes Lumbago

Back pain can be caused by many things, one of which is muscle problems such as sprains or sprains.

Muscle sprains and sprains

Sprains can even be said to be the main cause of acute back pain. Sprains can be caused by over stretching of a muscle or tendon or tearing of a ligament (connective tissue). Sprains are usually caused by tendons (the tissue that attaches muscles to bones) or torn muscles. Well, this can happen when you rotate your body, lift things that are too heavy, lift things with the wrong body position, or do excessive stretching.

The shape of the spine

Spinal deformities, such as spinal kyphosis or lordosis, which are birth defects can also cause recurrent lumbago in middle age.


Ligament, tendon, and muscle injuries can also result from injuries from sports, car accidents, or falls from a certain height.

Another cause

In addition to the causes above, other causes of back pain include infection of the reproductive organs in women, kidney stone disease, narrowing of the spine, inflammation of the prostate gland, premenstrual syndrome, pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage, prostate cancer, obesity, osteoporosis, and many more. again.

How to Healing?

Most acute back pain is self-limiting. Whereas chronic back pain can require medical care and surgical procedures. Back pain can be relieved or treated in the following ways:

Creams and patches

Back pain can be relieved by applying a cream or applying a pain reliever patch to the affected area. These pain relieving creams and patches are usually available over the counter and contain ingredients such as:

Salicylates. Pain relieving creams and patches usually contain these painkillers. When absorbed into the skin, salicylates can provide pain relief, especially in joints close to the skin, such as the fingers, knees and elbows.

Counterirritants. Ingredients like menthol and methyl salicylate can create a cold or hot sensation on your skin that can distract you from the pain.

Capcaisin. When first applied, creams and patches containing capsaicin can cause tingling or a burning sensation on the skin. It doesn't take long before you feel the results of capsaicin in reducing pain.

Pain relief creams and patches have an advantage when used. Pain relief creams are easy and comfortable to use because they can only be applied to the affected area. The cream that has been applied can also be removed by washing it with water. Even other people may not know if you find that you are using a pain reliever cream. This is because the cream does not leave marks or be visible with the naked eye.

When using the patch, you can control the absorption of the active ingredients into the skin. If you want to stop the absorption of the active ingredient, you can remove it from the skin. Not only that, the active ingredients contained are released slowly into the skin. In addition, there is very little residue - or no residue at all - that sticks to the hands and makes them greasy.

It is believed that the use of patches will not cause an overdose because the active ingredients and the surface area of  the patches have been calculated according to the appropriate dosage for the wearer. The old patch must be removed before applying the new patch. The risk of the patch being accidentally swallowed or in direct contact with sensitive body parts such as the eyes and mucous membranes is also low.


People who move a lot turn out to recover faster from back pain than those who just lie down. A walk around the house or walk to the shop is enough to reduce back pain. It may hurt at first, but keep trying to move every day.


Exercise, such as swimming and yoga, regularly and being active every day will help reduce back pain. The important thing, choose the type of exercise that you enjoy and do not increase the pain.


If back pain does not go away in more than six weeks, contact a trusted doctor and do therapy such as physiotherapy, chiropractic or acupuncture. If a disease is found in the organs in the body, then immediately do the treatment according to the doctor's recommendation.


The operation is done only if various methods have been done but back pain still haunts, even making it difficult for you to sleep and unable to carry out your daily activities.

Everyone certainly does not want to suffer from back pain, especially to have to lie on the operating table. Therefore, call the emergency department immediately if you have back pain accompanied by chest pain, inability to move your body, severe pain in the back or neck, numbness, or tingling sensation. - 100.00%

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