Dads Also Having Baby Blues? Come on, get to know the symptoms and how to overcome them

Dads Also Having Baby Blues? Come on, get to know the symptoms and how to overcome them

Baby blues is not only experienced by mothers, you know. According to research, about 62% of fathers also experience the baby blues, at least during the first 4 months after birth. Come on, Dad, find out how to fix it!

The causes of baby blues on dads can be various But generally the risk of depression will be greater if the wife is also experiencing the same condition. Unfortunately, the stress on your dad can be worse because he may not be used to expressing his feelings.

Dads Also Having Baby Blues? Come on, recognize the symptoms and how to overcome them 

Baby blues on dads tend to be more difficult to overcome, because generally men are less used to expressing their feelings. The image of a tough, logical man makes it difficult for dads to ask for help when they are feeling anxious and out of control. Yet this is a very human thing and a solution must be sought.

Recognize the Symptoms of Baby Blues in Dad

To find out if you have the baby blues or not, pay attention to the following symptoms:

  • Loss of appetite or even have excessive appetite
  • Feeling tired and anxious
  • Often feel unwell
  • Withdrawing from family or lazy to interact with other people
  • Feel sad, irritable, angry, and agitated
  • Losing interest in doing things you enjoy, including interest in sex
  • Choosing to spend time outside the home, for example by working longer hours in the office
  • Drinking alcohol often to distract yourself

The baby blues experienced by your father or mother can have a negative effect on caring for your little one. This is because parents who are depressed generally communicate with their children less often, let alone sing or read stories.

They also run an easier risk of being rude or even violent, including to children. This certainly can affect children's development so it needs to be addressed properly.

Come out of the Baby Blues, Come on, Dad!

If you experience the symptoms above, there are several ways you can try to relieve them. Here are the ways:

1. Tell your spouse or loved ones

If Dad's baby blues was triggered by excessive worry, try talking to your partner. If you feel uncomfortable or afraid that your mother will be burdened, try telling other family members or closest friends.

By telling stories, Dad can be more relieved and may find a different perspective on the problem at hand. In fact, you may find that there are many other men who feel the same way.

2. Do what you like

Even though he is busy with work and helping to care for his little one, Dad still needs to do things he likes. So, occasionally take a minute to go out for a walk or pursue a hobby, so that you stay happy and not stressed out.

3. Apply a healthy lifestyle

Try to adopt a healthy diet, regular exercise, and get enough sleep every day. Also, try to avoid alcoholic beverages. This habit can reduce and prevent stress so that it can help reduce the baby blues that you experience.

4. Don't push yourself

The baby blues might make you lose interest in activities. Even though you feel you have a lot of obligations to your family, know that you can do it slowly and one by one. Don't try to force yourself to finish everything right away.

If you have a big decision to make, discuss it with Mother or someone else you can trust. Don't hesitate to say that you need help with this.

Being a new parent with all its responsibilities is not an easy thing. Fathers don't need to feel that they have to be able to bear everything alone or feel like a failure when something goes wrong. Try to manage the stress you feel and respect yourself as a good parent, so that the baby blues will soon subside.

The reason is, if allowed to drag on, the baby blues that my father suffered could develop into depression. So, consult a psychologist or psychiatrist if the baby blues symptoms do not subside in a few weeks. - 100.00%

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