How to Overcome Stress While Pregnant with Meditation

How to Overcome Stress While Pregnant with Meditation

The stress experienced during pregnancy must be overcome so as not to interfere with the health of pregnant women and fetal development. There are many ways to deal with stress during pregnancy. One way you can try is to meditate regularly.

Changes in body and life conditions during pregnancy are quite large and drastic. In addition, pregnancy can also cause uncertain thoughts about the future. So, it is natural for pregnant women to feel stressed.

How to deal with stress during pregnancy with meditation 

Even so, pregnant women must manage stress well so that it does not become prolonged. Well, meditation is an exercise in mind and attention on breathing that can be a way to deal with stress during pregnancy.

Benefits of Meditation for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women can think about many things, from feeling afraid of miscarriage, fear of giving birth, fear of caring for babies, uncomfortable with the physical changes that occur, being pressured by work in the office, to worrying about the financial condition after having children.

Research shows that meditation can help pregnant women manage their emotions while reducing anxiety and depression. Meditation done through yoga, for example, is known to relieve stress, so that pregnant women can feel calmer in their pregnancy.

Stress is known to be closely related to decreased immune system function, increased heart rate, and constriction of blood vessels. So, reducing stress with meditation can also increase endurance, improve heart health, and maintain pregnant women blood pressure.

In addition, meditation can make pregnant women sleep better. The effect, the body becomes fresher and the symptoms of morning sickness that may appear can subside.

With a better body condition, pregnant women will certainly feel more comfortable going through pregnancy. Unwittingly, pregnant women will have a more positive perspective and a better lifestyle.

That way, the health of the little one in the womb will be better maintained. The risk of miscarriage, preeclampsia, preterm delivery and low birth weight babies can also be reduced.

How to Meditate While Pregnant

There are various ways of meditation that can be done. Here are easy ways that pregnant women can follow:

Breathing exercises

The simplest meditation that pregnant women can do is breathing exercises. The trick is to sit and inhale through your nose with your mouth closed. Close your eyes and feel each breath you inhale. Hold your breath for a few seconds and slowly release it through your nose.

Pregnant women can do this movement while sitting on the mat or bed in the most comfortable position possible. Do this movement several times until the pregnant woman's mind is completely calm.

Muscle relaxation

This meditation aims to relieve tension in the muscles of the body so that feelings can be more relaxed. This method of meditation is best done lying down before going to sleep.

Pregnant women can imagine warm and gentle waves that follow pregnant women from the top of the head to the feet. As these waves pass, feel the pregnant woman's muscles relax and become more united with the pregnant woman's bed.

Object visualization

The way to do meditation with object visualization is to imagine something that makes pregnant women happy. For example, pregnant women imagine themselves in the park or walking on the beach with very cool air.

Imagine these happy things in detail, such as the cool air you breathe, the color of the sky you see, to other things that can make pregnant women feel happy.

This visualization exercise can be done while pregnant women are sitting cross-legged in a comfortable place, such as a garden or family room. During this exercise, keep your breathing well.

In addition, pregnant women can also meditate through yoga. This exercise can be done when pregnancy is in the third trimester. Yoga can also be useful for making labor run smoother and easier.

Apply the meditation method above so that the stress that is experienced by pregnant women can be resolved immediately. If meditation has been done but pregnant women are still experiencing stress and excessive anxiety, consult a psychologist to get the right treatment. - 100.00%

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