Ingredients of Herbal Medicines That Can Increase Your Endurance

Ingredients of Herbal Medicines That Can Increase Your Endurance

Several studies have stated that herbal products have certain ingredients that are beneficial for the health of the body. Find out what other ingredients commonly found in herbal medicine can increase your endurance.

Medicines generally contain ingredients that are not much different from fruits, vegetables, or spices that you usually use as ingredients in cooking, food flavoring, or drinks. Herbal products are included in dietary supplements that are available in liquid, pill, capsule or tablet form, and are used as additives to your diet, not as a food supply.

Ingredients of Herbal Medicines That Can Increase Your Endurance 

Here are some herbal ingredients that are proven to have health benefits based on the amount of research done on them, namely:

Orange fruit

Grapefruit (Citrus Maxima Fructus) is an example of a citrus fruit. Citrus fruits contain vitamin C which makes white blood production increase so that it can fight infections in the body. You need daily intake of vitamin C to maintain endurance.


Apart from fighting the virus, consumption of garlic or Alium Sativum Bulbus can also help lower blood pressure and inhibit hardening of the arteries. A study shows that garlic extract can damage the body system and relieve colds.


Apart from being rich in vitamin C, spinach (Amaranthus Tricolor Folium) also contains antioxidants and beta-carotene which make the immune system stronger in repairing infections. To get the maximum benefits of spinach, you are advised not to repeat or cook it for too long, so that the nutritional content of spinach is maintained. But the data were obtained from animal studies. To assess its health benefits in humans, further research is needed.


Papaya fruit (Carica Papaya Fructus) has a proportion of daily vitamin C intake that reaches 224 percent, making it one of the plants with the MOST vitamin C content. Apart from vitamin C, papaya also has anti-inflammatory effects and other substances that are useful for health, such as folate, vitamin B, and potassium. But these anti-inflammatory effects are still limited to animal studies. To assess the immune enhancing effect in humans, further research is needed.


Kiwi or Actinidia deliciosa fructus is a plant rich in vitamin C besides papaya which also contains folate, potassium and vitamin K. Other nutrients in kiwifruit help the body fight infection while maintaining proper bodily functions. From one study, it was found that consuming one kiwi fruit per week with exercise and following a healthy diet can increase levels of good fats (HDL).

Not only body growth, this plant is also unable to reduce health problems. Plants such as basil (basil) and cinnamon are examples of other plants that have similar properties. Basil is believed to reduce the production of cortisol which stress relies on, while cinnamon has also been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and decreased nervous system function. But these effects of basil are still limited to animal studies.

Should You Take Herbal Medicines?

The same is the case with medicines that you get from your doctor, herbal medicines or supplements that cause side effects even though they are rare, such as reactions, interactions with other drugs that are prescribed or not.

Jamu contains active chemicals that can be relied on with other drugs. This can affect drug performance, side effects and drug metrics in the body. Additionally, most of the research trials examining the health benefits of this herbal product have also been limited to animal studies. The health benefits for humans, along with the risks and side effects, still need further investigation.

That is the advice of experts to stay wise in making decisions, using herbal medicine. Find out as much information as you can about herbal remedies before you buy or take them. Also discuss with your doctor about the level of need and dose according to your condition. Your doctor may recommend medications or supplements if you think you are not getting enough nutrients from foods or medications that are being taken. - 100.00%

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