Protect our children from the dangers of promiscuity

Protect our children from the dangers of promiscuity

Adolescence is a wonderful time for carving memorable stories. However, the dream of having a beautiful youth can be lost in an instant if teenagers fall into the dangers of promiscuity.

Promiscuity means having sexual relations with different people without being based on a marriage bond. Promiscuity cannot be tolerated, because there are various dangers of promiscuity that lurk teenagers, especially if teenagers often change partners.

Protect our children from the dangers of promiscuity 

Causes and Impact of promiscuity on adolescents

Teenagers have a high risk of being caught in promiscuity. This is because adolescents have a considerable curiosity about matters relating to sexual relations.

Without adequate education from parents, this curiosity can make teens try to find out about these things themselves. The effect is, the opportunity for teenagers to fall into promiscuity will be even greater.

The impact and dangers of promiscuity cannot be underestimated. There are various dangers that lurk teenagers if they fall into promiscuity, including:

Contracting sexually transmitted infections

Teens who fall into promiscuity are more susceptible to contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Especially if you frequently change partners. The more often a person changes partners, the risk of getting sexually transmitted infections, such as HIV / AIDS and gonorrhea, will be greater.

Apart from the habit of having multiple partners, same-sex relationships, injection drug abuse, sexual relations with prostitution workers, and misuse of condoms can increase the risk of spreading sexually transmitted infections.

Got cancer

Women who frequently have multiple partners are more at risk of developing cervical cancer. People who have frequent oral sex are more at risk of developing oral and throat cancer. Meanwhile, people who often have anal sex have a greater risk of developing anal cancer.

Unwanted pregnancy

Promiscuity also increases the risk of getting pregnant at a young age. Teenage pregnancy requires special attention, because there are various pregnancy complications that are prone to occur.

How to prevent the risk of promiscuity

To prevent children from falling into promiscuity, parents must start providing sexual education from an early age to their children. This is an important form of parenting. In addition, the following ways can be done to prevent children from falling into promiscuity:

1. Start a topic of conversation about sex

When watching TV or watching videos with sexual scenes, parents can open up a conversation about sex education.

Parents need to be open when listening to and answering questions asked by children. If there are obstacles in answering their curiosity, parents can seek information from reliable sources, for example from doctors, and continue the discussion on another occasion.

2. Provide an understanding of the dangers of promiscuity

Provide an understanding to adolescents about the dangers of promiscuity that can lead to pregnancy outside of wedlock and sexually transmitted infections. Discuss this wisely and avoid the appearance of being intimidating.

3. Support youth in positive activities

Supporting young people to do positive activities that they enjoy will make them more confident and respectful of themselves. This will also reduce the chances of adolescents falling into promiscuity.

4. Apply a curfew

Prohibit teenagers from coming home late at night, and give him understanding in kind. Also provide clear boundaries for the child in interactions with the opposite sex. Always monitor the activities of children without appearing to interfere with or interfere with their activities or associations.

Also be aware of the influence of television, music, movies, or other types of entertainment. You can schedule supervised access to entertainment for them.

The dangers of promiscuity in adolescents cannot be underestimated. To prevent this, parents need to support adolescents and provide understanding and motivation to them about the importance of respecting themselves. Divert the attention of adolescents from the dangers of promiscuity with various positive activities and hobbies. - 100.00%

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