Put Out The Fire Of Jealousy Before Burning Up Your Happiness

Put Out The Fire Of Jealousy Before Burning Up Your Happiness

Jealousy can happen to anyone, whether it's friends or partners. The appearance of jealousy is usually triggered by several things, from fear of loss, jealousy, sadness, to anger.

According to a psychologist, jealousy likely reflects how you feel about yourself. It can also show how confident a person is in who they are. Jealousy may also arise as an accumulation of discomfort and worry that a relationship brings.

Put out the fire of jealousy before burning your happiness 

Discomfort in a relationship can come from what your partner says or does to you. On the other hand, worry can be created by the presence of other people in your relationship with your partner.

Another thing that can trigger jealousy is a lack of time or attention in a relationship. In other words, jealousy comes when there is concern that your partner will turn to someone else.

Not only experienced by couples who are dating or married, feelings of jealousy can also arise in people who have friends with benefits.

The Bad Effects of Jealousy on Your Life

Jealousy in the relationship between partners is actually a normal and normal reaction as a form of concern for the partner.

Jealousy within reasonable limits can even be one of the strengths of the relationship. However, it will be a problem if this jealousy cannot be stopped, disturbs daily life and activities, or even makes someone unable to think rationally and do extreme things because of jealousy.

When that happens, you have to be careful, because feelings of jealousy can lead someone to act outside of normal limits, for example, to commit sexual harassment and violence. Actions carried out on the basis of jealousy often destroy hard-earned happiness.

Another bad effect of jealousy is the possibility of turning into feelings of possessiveness, mistrust, and inferiority complex. In fact, most of the sources of jealousy are not as scary as they fear. However, because it is not managed properly, what happens next is torture and berating oneself, and tend to be dissatisfied with oneself. What's scary is that a person can suffer from excessive anxiety as a result of these kinds of things.

Put out the fire of jealousy in these ways

Because it has an adverse effect on your happiness, jealousy must be overcome immediately. Some of the things below can be done to reduce jealousy:

Understand the meaning of jealousy and jealousy

To quell jealousy, start by understanding that these feelings are natural and normal. Admit that you are jealous or jealous and that it is a problem that you create yourself because of a moment's emotion. Thus, try not to take it out on other people.

Get the facts

Most feelings of jealousy arise out of suspicion. Therefore, try to know the facts really so that jealousy does not continue to burn your own happiness. If this is directed at your partner, find out if there really is a third person or it is just your fear.

Face it with a cool and objective head

When the fire of jealousy ignites your emotions, it is not always good to behave and make rash decisions. Face the problem with a cool and objective head, talk about the causes of jealousy and ask your partner for honesty.

Don't overly suspect your partner

If you don't want your life to be destroyed by jealousy, then realize that it only leads to misery. Never be tempted to spy on your partner and berate someone who is considered to be damaging your relationship. Also avoid getting into these feelings you think are unfair. If these detrimental things are done, then be prepared to live in a downturn.

Communication is key

To put out the flames of jealousy, communication can be key. Be honest with your partner about your feelings and what triggers them. Having good communication will also open up a discussion about your desires and how your partner treats you.

Although jealousy is natural and often has strong and uncontrollable feelings, that doesn't mean you have to suffer for it. Through open communication efforts and continually improving our quality, this can make us wake up so that we don't get drowned in jealousy or jealousy.

If it is difficult to find bright points and solutions, it is a good idea for you and your partner to take counseling to get direction and instructions from a psychologist, so that the annoying feelings of jealousy do not damage your relationship.

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