The CORONA VIRUS VACCINE is just a business, don't want to be vaccinated

vaksin corona virus

Hearing the word corona virus may now be very familiar to our ears. Day after day the victims continued to grow and kept coming. Corona virus is very popular all over the world, even though from its country of origin, namely China, the corona virus is no longer leaving a mark. The question here is whether this corona virus really exists or is it just a business object of a country?

We will discuss a little about how the corona virus or covid-19 emerged. In December 2019, we were shown that an emerging virus was discovered in China by scientists in a waste crater. Whether on purpose or not, the virus spread so that Chinese television reported that some of its residents suddenly fainted on the streets.

This is of course very worrying for everyone, even the whole country to carry out independent isolation in each country. This turned out to be a snub and became big news to the WHO. After a while the WHO declared that the world was currently experiencing a pandemic.

Day by day the victims of the corona virus are increasing in every country. Strangely, after this virus spread throughout the country all countries are busy to protect their own citizens, without realizing they do not mean the country of China anymore.

The reason is that after the corona virus spreads throughout the country, it means that China seems to be carrying out the next stage, namely the manufacture of vaccines. This vaccine made from China will be claimed to be able to make someone immune from the corona covid-19 virus.

The odd thing is that the vaccine has not even been tested clinically but has been distributed all over the world by paying a certain amount of money. This has really made some developing countries like Indonesia inevitably have to be indebted to China to take the vaccine.

It is very suspicious, a vaccine that has not been clinically tested whether it is safe, has even been distributed around the world by paying a certain amount of money. It is like simulating the same business pattern as this

New pandemic -> preach -> fearful people -> Making vaccines -> Countries buying vaccines -> The pandemic is over?

Again, a new pandemic emerges with the same pattern ...

This is very strange for people who want to think. This pandemic is actually not as dangerous as the influenza virus, everyone can be infected but will not die until they die.

As it was reported that there were people who died because of the corona virus, after the examination it turned out that the person had other congenital diseases so that by being exposed to the corona virus the condition became worse.

My friend who is a medical officer for Covid-19 told me that the treatment they are doing is nothing but giving vitamin C and consuming fruits and drinking lots of water. This means that the virus does not need special treatment to be cured.

The same is the case with influenza, the corona covid-19 virus is not dangerous.

It's just a country's business. - 100.00%

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