These are the sentences you should not say to your partner

These are the sentences you should not say to your partner

To build a comfortable relationship, you need to start from mutually building communication. Already married or not, it doesn't mean you can freely say anything to your partner, you know. There are sentences that you shouldn't say if you don't want the situation to get heated.

Actually, if your relationship and your partner are healthy, you both feel that you can tell each other and share all ideas, opinions, and even criticism. This can only work if you and your partner really trust and are open to each other.

Shhh, these are the sentences you should not say to your partner 

Refrain from saying these sentences

Here are some sentences that you shouldn't say to your partner or boyfriend:

You shouldn't feel that way

You probably don't intend to make your partner feel cornered. But all sentences with "shoulds" tend to be judgmental. Especially if you question why your partner feels a certain way. No one can control how he must feel.

All partner feelings need to be respected and listened to. This includes when he expresses sadness, anxiety, anger, or shame. Maybe this will make you feel uncomfortable, especially if his feelings concern you. But it is still better to listen and talk about your partner's feelings. After calming down, invite your partner to discuss together how the problem should be faced, that way, you and your partner can develop together without the need to patronize, let alone judge.

You are too sensitive

When someone is judged for feeling disappointed or sad, he can feel as if someone is judging his personality. You may say that because he is confessing his disappointment to you, so you feel the need to justify yourself and blame them. At times like these, it's important to try to see their feelings and experiences from their point of view, not yours. That way, you can understand it further, and know what you need to do in that situation.

Do not Cry!

Usually the male partner can react differently when he sees his partner crying. Some feel awkward, embarrassed, annoyed, or even angry. But, actually men can and are okay to cry. It's just that culture makes men harbor feelings more often.

To be sure, if your partner is crying because of a misunderstanding or feeling ignored, then avoid making him uncomfortable by simply saying, "Don't cry!" Better to listen to his lament, while calming himself down, then just give him an explanation and invite him to exchange ideas to find the best solution.

If you love me, you should forget your past

Accepting someone means accepting their past too, you know. Living together doesn't mean that your partner has to erase all the past. It is the past, good or bad, that makes your partner grow.

There is no need to keep giving ultimatums, "If you love, you shouldn't ...". On the other hand, you can also raise objections if you feel uncomfortable with certain things, for example if they repeatedly tell you about your ex. Try it, find a balance so you don't worry too much about the past, as well as let it be comfortable telling stories. In essence, avoid creating problems, from problems that don't really exist. Understand that the past exists as an experience for us to learn and improve.

Apart from the examples above, of course, there are many things that need to be considered before pronouncing them, or choosing other sentences that are more subtle and in context.

Maintaining Communication with a Partner

Even though there are some sentences that you should avoid saying to your partner, that doesn't mean you are afraid to express your feelings. Maintaining open communication with your partner is actually one of the keys to a healthy relationship.

Couples should be a place to share stories, confide in feelings, and can make their partners can always be themselves. Being honest with each other's conditions can strengthen commitment.

For that, you and your partner need to practice listening to and accepting each other's statements, without feeling the need to judge them. Truly the ability not to judge, starts with the ability to accept oneself. If you can accept your shortcomings, it will be easier for you to accept your partner's flaws.

So, now you can predict the sentences that you should avoid or even need to say to your partner, right? Don't get it wrong again! - 100.00%

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