Why do women have a longer life expectancy than men?

Why do women have a longer life expectancy than men?

The assumption that women are weak creatures when compared to men, seems unjustified, huh. Due to the fact, women can live longer than men.

It is important for you to know that the human life expectancy in the world today is around 71 years, with women estimated to live up to 73 years and men only 68 years.

Why do women have a longer life expectancy than men? 

What Causes Women Live Longer Than Men?

In fact, the level of a person's life expectancy is closely related to the pattern of life that is applied daily. However, a study revealed that women can survive longer when compared to men. What is the reason?

1. X chromosome that is resistant to genetic mutations

Females have two X (XX) chromosomes, while males have only one X (XY) chromosome. These chromosomes also support the work of the immune system in the body.

Therefore, women are considered more resistant to chromosome damage (mutation) because they have a spare X chromosome, while men do not. In addition, women are less likely to experience infection than men.

2. The role of the hormone estrogen

Men and women both have the hormone estrogen. However, in women, the levels are greater. The hormone estrogen has an important role in a person's immune system.

This hormone can improve blood circulation and has antioxidant properties, so that it can reduce the risk of various diseases, such as stroke, heart disease, and diabetes.

3. Level of concern for health

When compared to men, women have a higher level of concern for their own health. This can be seen from his lifestyle which tends to not smoke, not drink alcoholic beverages, eat healthier foods, and more often have his health checked on his own awareness.

4. Risk behavior

Generally, men tend to do more aggressive, risky acts than women. For example, frequent speeding on the road results in fights or traffic accidents.

5. Ability to socialize

It is not unusual for women to have relationships more easily than men. This relationship is what makes women have the ability to socialize well, even in a new environment.

Then what is the relationship with a person's life expectancy? In fact, sociable people are believed to have a 50% lower risk of death than those who are always aloof.

This is in line with the behavior of men and women in dealing with stress. While most men prefer to keep stress and worry to themselves, women generally prefer to confide in and share stories with people they trust. Besides being fun, sharing stories with your closest relatives can relieve stress, so that the quality of life will be better.

Despite the fact that women live longer than men, it does not mean that all men will live shorter than women. Not all men often do things that are not good for their own health, because there are men who are very concerned about their health conditions.

Apart from that, marriage is also considered to have a positive effect on men's health.

A married man can live a long life because there is a partner who is always there to accompany, encourage, and make him happy.

So that you and your partner can stay young and have a long life, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Invite your partner to exercise regularly, eat healthy and nutritious food, not smoke, and regularly conduct health checks every few months to the doctor.

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