Advantages of Using a Domain (dot) ID

In building a website, especially a site for an online shop, of course, you need to take the .id domain name into consideration. The reason is, this local domain tends to be used by many people. This is proven based on research in 2018 there are around 281 sites using this one domain. So what are the advantages of dot id? Check out the following reviews.

Advantages of Using a Domain (dot) ID

Advantages of Using a Domain (dot) ID

1. Online Stores Are Becoming More Credible

By using a .id domain, it will certainly make your online store more credible. This is because the .id domain symbolizes that the products you have come from Indonesia or your shop is originally from Indonesia. Because, in this day and age there are lots of irresponsible fake shops

When using a domain with the .id extension, it can be one way to compare the online store you have. Whether it's branding from your own online shop or company. Because, later visitors will have more confidence in the domain you have.

2. More Convenient To Use

The advantage of using .id domains is that it is more comfortable to use. This is because when you want to create a .id domain, of course, you will need an official identity. Which will apply to personal or corporate. Of course, having these requirements will make users more comfortable and safe.

For website voter data with a .id domain, it will be validated later by an institution, namely PANDI or the Indonesian Internet Domain Name Manager. So, for domain owners who violate applicable legal provisions, PANDI will be able to delete the domain.

For that, it can be said that using this one domain can be a way for internet users to better understand the code of ethics on the internet. This includes many aspects, from users, voters to the management of the online store website that you have.

3. Have Faster Access

By using this one domain, it turns out that your site will have more stable and faster access. This is because the domain with (dot) id uses a server that is from within the country. That way, of course, it will be faster to open the website that you have compared to using an overseas server.

With a .id domain name, then you certainly don't need to take a long time in access problems. This of course can be one of the reasons why you are obliged to use a .id domain. Not only that, this one domain will also make it easier for consumers to find your online store in search engines.

4. Have A Clearer Identity For Website Owners

By using this one domain, it will be easier for you to find out who owns it. This is because, as explained above, the registration process for this domain requires special requirements. One way is to have a legal identity such as a KTP.

But not only that, in making .id domain names, you also need to include your company name or other important documents. With this requirement it is indeed considered burdensome. However, this will make you more comfortable and safe in creating a website name.

The advantages of the .id domain are indeed very numerous, especially for those of you who want to create a special website for online stores. Therefore, you can get a .id domain at Sitebeat at a fairly affordable price. Certainly, your online store will be better known and visited by consumers.

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