This is the Bad Impact Behind Often Pampers Children

There are no parents who do not love their children. However, sometimes loving children is not differentiated from spoiling children. In fact, spoiling children too much is not a good thing, you know, Bun.

Not a few parents are willing to do anything for the happiness of their little angels. Even so, parents need to be careful, because this sometimes makes children spoiled, and this is certainly not good for the development of their personality.

pampers children

This is the bad impact behind often spoiling children 

A spoiled child usually wants to be noticed and prioritized by both parents. Everything he wants must also be obeyed immediately. If his wish is not fulfilled, spoiled children will not hesitate to throw tantrums, get angry, and cry wherever they are.

A series of Bad Effects of Spoiling Children

Wanting to fulfill children's desires is indeed something parents feel instinctively as an expression of affection. However, it is certainly necessary to express healthy and educational ways of affection.

If Mother and Father love their little one by always fulfilling everything they want, there are bad effects that can happen to their personality, including:

1. Always dependent and not independent

A spoiled child will depend on the parents. This is because the father and mother are always there when he needs them. As a result, children can develop into individuals who are not independent, even until they are adults. This can certainly make it difficult for him, both while still at school and after work.

2. Easily give up when you experience failure

Because they depend on their parents, children never learn to achieve their desires. Also, because usually everything they want is always available, it can be difficult for children to understand that everything they want isn't always there.

So, finally when a child experiences a failure or difficulty later, he will become a person who easily gives up. Children can also be someone who tends to be more easily disappointed in themselves and feel they do not have the ability to deal with a problem.

3. Not being able to take responsibility

Spoiling your little one every now and then is fine, Bun. However, if Mother and Father never refuse her wishes and always give her what she wants, she will grow up to be less disciplined and responsible.

For example, because they feel that everything they want is always given, children will neglect to take care of their toys. If a toy breaks, he thinks he can always buy a new one. This irresponsible character is very likely to carry over to adulthood and will make life difficult for him.

4. Not socializing well

Children who are often spoiled by their parents tend to be insensitive to their surroundings. Because everything they want is always available, children cannot imagine or have a sense of empathy for other people who are not as fortunate as themselves.

In addition, children can also be narcissistic or feel that they are better than others. With a character like this, it is not impossible that he will find it difficult to make friends. Children can also be isolated from their environment because they cannot socialize or are even disliked by others.

5. Stubborn and dissident

If Mother and Father always obey everything your little one wants, they can become stubborn and easily disobey. In the end it becomes difficult to control and rebellious. In fact, it could be that he hit Mother and Father or break things around him, when what he wanted was not fulfilled.

It is a good thing to love your child with all your heart. However, that does not mean that Mother and Father have to give your little one everything they want without clear boundaries, because this can actually create a bad child's personality.

To avoid the negative impact of pampering your child as described above, you need to be more selective in sorting out which baby desires you can fulfill and which ones you need to refuse.

If you have difficulty refusing all of your little one's requests or are confused about your little one who is already spoiled, try to consult a psychologist who specializes in child behavior and development problems to get the best advice.

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