Balance Bike for Children, Is It Just a Trend or Does it Benefit?

Balance Bike for Children

Balance bikes for children have a different shape from ordinary children's bikes, because they do not have pedals. Not only is it unique in design, the balance bike is also said to provide various benefits for children.

In the past, children usually learned to ride a bicycle using a tricycle or four-wheeled bicycle. However, now there is a new bicycle model for children to learn to ride a bicycle, namely the balance bike.

Balance Bike for Children, Is It Just a Trend or Does it Benefit? 

In contrast to bicycles in general, balance bikes do not have chains and pedals. To ride it, children only need to push it with their feet and keep their body balanced.

The saddle or bicycle seat on the balance bike is made low, so that the child can put his foot on it. This bicycle can be introduced to children since they can walk and run, which is around the age of 18 months.

Balance bikes are also lighter in weight than normal children's bikes, making them easy for toddlers to ride. Even so, this bike can still be used until a child is 4 years old.

Here Are the Benefits for Our Children:

1. Train children to ride a bicycle

Balance bikes can be used to help children learn to ride a bicycle before switching to a child's bicycle with pedals.

Using a balance bike is considered more effective than a tricycle or four-wheeled bicycle, because children can train their balance. This makes the transition to a two-wheeler with pedals much easier.

2. Train balance

In daily activities, children need a good balance. For example, when walking, running, and bending over to tie shoes.

To support body balance, strong back muscles, legs and feet are needed. These muscles can be trained if the child is actively moving or playing sports. One good sport choice to train a child's body balance and strengthen the back, leg and leg muscles is with a balance bike.

3. Train coordination

Riding a balance bike can train the coordination of the child's ears, eyes, joints and muscles. In addition, moving forward, backward, turning, and stopping will hone your child's focus and concentration.

4. Build emotional closeness

Learning to ride a bicycle with parental guidance can be an activity that can build emotional closeness. The first moments a child rides a wheeled bicycle are often unforgettable childhood moments.

5. Healthy physically and mentally

Doing fun physical activities, such as practicing using a balance bike, is not only beneficial for children to train physically, but also as a means to express themselves, build self-confidence, and explore their surroundings.

Regular exercise can also reduce stress in children and make them happier, so that their risk of developing depression will be lower.

Research says that children who regularly play outside or around the yard of the house have a lower risk of developing nearsightedness. In addition, sun exposure while playing outside can also increase vitamin D levels in a child's body.

Some parents may worry that their child will fall. However, when you fall, your child will learn to coordinate his body movements properly.

To prevent children from getting hurt or injured, parents can wear personal protective equipment, such as helmets, elbow protectors, and knee protectors, when they play the balance bike. In addition, adjust the saddle according to the child's height so that it is easy for him to get on his feet.

Also remember to always supervise your children while playing with a good balance and don't let children play alone without supervision.

Being adept at riding a two-wheeled bicycle is an important skill for children to master. However, not all children can learn it quickly, especially if they have a balance disorder or developmental problems.

If your little one seems to have difficulty using a balance bike for your child or if he has certain medical conditions, you should consult a doctor. That way, the doctor can carry out an examination and determine the type of game or other sport that suits your little one's conditions and needs. - 100.00%

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