Can Support Body Endurance, Know 7 Benefits of Iron for Pregnant Women and Children

During pregnancy, the mother's iron needs double compared to before pregnancy. However, not all pregnant women can meet their iron needs. In fact, iron has many benefits for the health of the mother and fetus, you know.

Iron is an essential mineral that is needed during pregnancy and can be obtained from a variety of foods. Even so, the fact is that one in two pregnant women in Indonesia still experience anemia due to iron deficiency.

Can Support Body Endurance, Know 7 Benefits of Iron for Pregnant Women and Children 

Iron deficiency in pregnant women is not a trivial thing that can be ignored. The reason is, lack of iron intake in pregnant women can cause babies to be born prematurely or born with low body weight. During childbirth, iron deficiency anemia can also increase the risk of maternal death.

7 Benefits of Iron for Pregnant Women and Fetuses

Iron is divided into two types, namely heme iron which comes from animals and nonheme iron that comes from plants. Regardless of the type, these two types of iron both have a myriad of benefits for pregnant women and fetuses, including:

1. Prevent anemia in pregnant women

Pregnant women are very susceptible to anemia because their bodies naturally need more iron supply than before pregnancy, which is about 27 mg per day. This need increases because the volume of blood in the body of pregnant women also increases.

Iron is responsible for the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin which is needed to supply oxygen and nutrients to the body of pregnant women and the fetus. By meeting the needs of iron per day, pregnant women can avoid anemia.

2. Reducing the risk of fatigue in pregnant women

Fatigue is a common symptom of pregnancy. However, pregnant women who have anemia are usually much easier to experience fatigue and feel weak.

This condition can make it difficult for pregnant women to move, even though staying active during pregnancy is important for maintaining the health of pregnant women and the fetus, and increasing stamina for later labor. So, so you don't get tired easily, one way that pregnant women can do is to meet the needs of iron every day.

3. Strengthen the immune system of pregnant women

Pregnant women tend to get sick more easily or get infections that can endanger the health of themselves and their fetuses. Therefore, pregnant women are highly recommended to maintain endurance, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic like today.

Because it increases the production of hemoglobin in the blood, iron will also indirectly increase the immune system of pregnant women. With a strong immune system, pregnant women and the fetus can be protected from various diseases.

4. Supports the process of fetal growth and development

The iron intake consumed by the mother during pregnancy also has an important role in the process of fetal growth and development in the womb.

When the iron needs of pregnant women are met, the fetus can get an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients through the mother's blood, so that the function of nerves and brain will develop optimally, as well as the function of other organs.

5. Reducing the risk of miscarriage

A study revealed that pregnant women who get enough iron have a lower risk of having a miscarriage.

This is because iron deficiency early in pregnancy can cause disruption in the formation of the placenta, which supplies nutrients and oxygen to the fetus. If there is a disturbance in the placenta, the fetus will find it difficult to develop, resulting in a miscarriage.

6. Prevent premature birth

Premature birth can occur due to infection or an unhealthy condition of the pregnant woman's body. With adequate iron intake, the health of pregnant women can be maintained and their immune system is stronger so that they are not prone to infection.

That is the reason why adequate iron intake also indirectly prevents premature birth.

7. Prevent low birth weight

In addition to pregnant women own weight, maintaining fetal weight in the womb is also important. One of the goals is to prevent babies from having low birth weight.

In general, babies born with low birth weight are more likely to get sick and get infections. In order for a pregnant pregnant woman to have a normal weight and in a healthy condition, pregnant women must meet daily nutritional needs, including adequate iron intake.

How to meet iron needs while pregnant

Based on the various benefits of iron that have been described above, pregnant women should meet the body's daily needs for this mineral. There are several ways that pregnant women can do.

Iron can be obtained by pregnant women from food, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, to meat and fish. Iron from animal protein is known to be more easily absorbed by the body. However, it is important for pregnant women to get variBreastfeed a balanced diet during pregnancy.

Pregnant women can also meet iron intake from prenatal vitamins given by doctors. Make sure pregnant women take them according to the dosage recommended by the doctor, yes.

Apart from these two ways, consuming milk for pregnant women can be a good choice to get additional iron intake. Milk for pregnant women enriched with iron has a variety of flavors that pregnant women can choose according to taste.

Not only iron, a glass of milk for pregnant women can also help pregnant women meet other nutritional needs, including various vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C which can increase iron absorption. The delicious taste of milk also helps pregnant women not to feel nauseous when drinking it.

In addition to ensuring that nutritional needs are met, pregnant women also need to routinely have their womb checked by a doctor. To reduce the risk of contracting the Corona virus, keep wearing a mask and provide hand sanitizers when pregnant women check the womb at the hospital, yes.

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