Depression Effects on Sexual Life

Depression can affect all aspects of a sufferer's life, including sexual life. This is the same for both men and women. In order to be anticipated and not to interfere with the closeness of the relationship with a partner, identify what effects depression has on sexual life.

Besides having an effect on mood, depression can make sufferers experience various physical complaints, such as loss of energy, digestive problems, decreased brain function, and weakened immune system. These mental health problems are also known to interfere with a sufferer's sexual life.

Depression Effects on Sexual Life

Depression Effects on Sexual Life 

This is the Impact of Depression on Sexual Life

When there is sexual stimulation, normally the brain will process the stimulation and cause sexual arousal or the urge to have sex. The brain will send signals to the sex organs, so that the penis can be erect and the vagina releases lubricating fluid.

To process and interpret a sexual stimulation, the brain needs chemicals called neurotransmitters. However, in people with depression, there is a disturbance in the levels and function of this chemical.

As a result, the brain is unable to send signals to the sex organs even though there is sexual stimulation. This is what causes decreased sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, and vaginal dryness.

In addition, people with depression also tend to withdraw from things that previously felt good, become irritable, feel worthless, and lose self-confidence. His body also felt physically tired easily and felt it all the time.

These things can make him lose the desire to have sex or feel no pleasure while doing it. Not only that, changes in attitude that occur in people with depression can also create problems in the relationship with their partner.

Treatment of depression also has an impact on sexual life. In men, several types of antidepressant drugs can have side effects in the form of erectile dysfunction and difficulty achieving orgasm or anorgasmia.

How to Overcome Depression and Restore Sexual Desire

The way to restore sexual desire is to overcome depression first. When the treatment of depression is done properly, your sex life will gradually improve as before.

In order to get the right treatment for depression, it is best if you consult a psychiatrist. Also tell me about your control over sex. That way, psychiatrists will prescribe antidepressant drugs that have minimal side effects on sexual desire.

However, putting this into practice is not as easy as the theory. You may feel shy, embarrassed, disinterested, or perhaps it is useless to consult a psychiatrist. Actually, feelings like this are natural for people with depression. However, don't give up on the situation, huh.

If you still don't want to go to a psychiatrist, try talking to your partner or friend. You don't need to tell all your grievances right away. Just tell me what you feel and experience in your situation.

Slowly, prepare yourself to consult a psychiatrist. At that time, you can make that step as the first step to get up and get out of your depression.

Try to start adopting a routine healthy lifestyle. Make sure you eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, get adequate rest time, and avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages. These things will also have a good impact on your sex life.

Depression certainly shouldn't be left unchecked, especially if it affects your sexual desires and your relationship with your partner. However, please also note that depression treatment is not instantaneous.

If you don't immediately feel the improvement in your complaint after consulting and taking medication from a psychiatrist, don't give up right away, OK. Keep taking the medication given, live a healthy lifestyle, and carry out routine controls as recommended by a psychiatrist. - 100.00%

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