How to get money from blogs without capital easily

How do you make money from blogs for free and without capital easily? In recent times, the use of blogs is popular enough to get money up to millions of rupiah. You can work from home with flexible hours. In addition, this latest online business can be run without capital, which makes it possible for anyone to try it.

Some people think that learning blogs or websites is only used as a place to write articles, even though blogs can be a business opportunity idea that can generate rupiah coffers. Interested in becoming a successful beginner blogger? There are several stages or processes that you need to go through. Of course you agree, there is no instant way to be successful, right?

For that, in the following we will find out how to get money from blogging from start to success that you need to pay attention to. You can also listen to examples of blogs that have made money from Google Adsense. Well, you can see more about one type of internet marketing business in the description below.

How to get money from blogs without capital easily

How to get money from blogs without capital easily

1. Determine the Blog Topic

To run a business we must know the goals we want to achieve. So, before creating a blog you must first know the blog topic or niche that you will use. This is very important for determining the writing of articles in the blog later. Choose a topic that is good but that you are good at, so that you will be more happy to write, not overwhelmed.

Some bloggers are not successful because they are inhibited by laziness, don't let you be like that too. Avoid having too many topics or desires that can lead you out of focus. By determining the blog topic, you will be helped to focus on quality content, not plagiarism and originality. Because this is what affects the progress of your blog in the future.

2. Determining the Blog Platform

Did you know, there are actually many organizations or companies on the internet that offer various platforms for blogging. Some of them are well known are Blogger and Wordpress. These two platforms are used by many people around the world. Their reliability in blogging is not in doubt.

You can choose a blogging platform that is suitable for business according to the purpose of the blog that you are designing. With this platform you can create a blog for free with easy conditions, namely a gmail email address and personal identity.

3. Start Creating a Blog

Blogger provides a free service with features that are complete enough for blogging activities. There are lots of interesting built-in templates or themes to choose from for your blog. Interestingly, this free service itself is integrated with Google services. Then it will be very profitable right?

You can start a blog by registering at and making some arrangements. Meanwhile, to create a blog on Wordpress, you can register directly on WordPress is supported by a community that makes it worthy of being a medium for blogging.

4. Creating a blog with an interesting

Making a blog as attractive as possible is a point that you should not underestimate. A good display will increasingly attract the attention of readers because it is pleasing to the eye. In addition, your blog can also give visitors a professional impression. So how do you make your blog look more attractive?

The steps you need to do are create a unique and good blog name. Better to use a TLD or Top Level Domain domain suffix such as .com, .id, .net and others. A unique domain name and not using a subdomain will help visitors to remember your blog address easily.

Don't forget, you also need to pay attention to using a good theme. Like choosing clean with dominance such as white or soft colors. Then, use the format of writing articles, language style and ease of navigation well.

5. How to Monetize a Blog

There are actually many ways you can make money blogging. Starting from joining the blogger community so that you will get a lot of knowledge or information related to the blog itself. The most important thing is that you have provided the blog with quality content, not plagiarism and made for humans, not robots.

For how to monetize your high-traffic blog, there are several ways you can apply, starting from advertising, content placement, selling products, opening services, affiliate programs, opening courses and many more blog monetizing methods that you can try.

Examples of the most successful blogs to make money

There are many bloggers in Indonesia who can inspire novice bloggers. Because they are so successful in making profits with blogs, they can influence the views of many people about blogs. Who are the most successful bloggers do you know?

Some of them call it Raditya Dhika, Mas Sugeng, Herman Yudiono, Dani Rahmat, Hey Theresia, Bobby Ertanto and many others. You can also be like them if you want to try and be diligent in running an online business by using blogs to make money.

This is complete information that has discussed how to create a free blog that can make money. The step by step described will help you as a guide to developing a blogging business on the internet. Want to know more complete information about tutorials, tips and tricks related to information and technology, please see.

Stay wise and smart in running a business. Avoid things that hinder your business so that it continues to run smoothly and get the results you expect. There has been a lot of similar information spread on the internet, what you need is your more attention to spend time and focus on developing the business. Hope it is useful.

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