How to overcome pornography addiction

You and your husband may have watched erotic movies together to increase passion in bed. However, what if your partner secretly watches pictures or watches porn videos alone? Is there a way to stop it?

Pornography addiction is addictive behavior to view images or videos with adult content that can arouse lust. A person who is addicted to pornography will be crazy about enjoying pornographic shows and cannot contain his desire.

how to overcome pornography addiction

Couples Addicted to Pornography? This is the fix 

Here's How to Overcome a Couples Addicted to Pornography

Pornography addiction can interfere with everyday life. People who are addicted to pornography will usually try to hide their behavior so that they are not caught by others, so that they seem to distance themselves or avoid friends and family, including their partners.

In addition, addiction to pornography can also change a person's perception of the ideal and perfect sex relationship. Finally, he felt that his sex life with his partner was not satisfying. Even if it isn't conveyed, your partner will likely feel this way and feel disappointed.

These things can certainly have a negative impact on your marriage relationship. A study even revealed that pornography is a source of problems that can destroy marital relationships that can lead to divorce.

Therefore, this behavior must be followed up immediately. If your partner is currently addicted to pornography, there are a number of things you must do to save your marriage, including:

1. Invite your partner to talk honestly

If you already know or suspect that your partner is a porn addict, the first thing you should do is get him to communicate and talk honestly.

He may be evasive, but you need to convince him to admit it, because that is the first step to recovery. Avoid revealing that his behavior is something strange, even though you may feel that it is very unnatural.

When he has admitted it, ask him if he did this because he was not satisfied with the intimate relationship between the two of you. If so, ask their opinion on what you should do to help them get rid of their addiction.

2. Spend more time with your partner

Your partner may not know why he or she is addicted to pornography. If that is the case, help her wholeheartedly fight her desire to view pornographic content.

Spend more time with her and become a friend with whom she can confide and take her mind off pornography. Be honest and calm about what you feel and your intentions to help him.

That way, you can understand each other's feelings. This can certainly increase the intimacy of the two of you and make it easier for your partner to forget their obsession with pornography.

3. Limit the use of gadgets at home

Generally, pornography addicts are more interested in accessing adult content through gadgets than buying pornographic magazines. If it is true that your partner watches videos and sees erotic pictures of gadgets, limit the use of their gadgets while at home.

This may frustrate or even anger him. However, you can prevent this by creating a new routine that is just as fun for him. For example, when you get home from work, make a routine for dinner, chat, or watch a movie together before bed.

4. Involve your partner in many ways

In order not to have the opportunity to see erotic videos, your partner must have a busy life to divert his mind. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you involve your partner in many ways.

If usually housekeeping and childcare are your duties, now don't hesitate to involve your partner. Ask him to help you complete these tasks. Tell him that his son misses him and wants to play with him.

In addition, you can also invite your partner to do new activities, such as regular exercise every weekend or decorating the garden together. Not only can they refresh the mind, these two things can also improve their mood.

Overcoming a partner who is already addicted to pornography is not an easy thing. During this process, it is not impossible that you will feel hurt and disappointed. So, besides consistently applying the tips above, you also need a lot of patience.

If the methods above haven't worked, you should ask a psychologist for help. Usually the psychologist will hold a counseling session for the two of you to analyze more deeply about the causes and what best ways can be done to overcome pornography addiction.

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