✓ 8 Tips to Healthy Relationship

tips to healthy relationship

Having a lasting and harmonious relationship is certainly the dream of every couple. Unfortunately, various conflicts experienced in relationships often make couples falter and leave each other.

Even such a painful breakup was inevitable. It's not an easy matter in maintaining a relationship. However, following these lasting relationship tips can help you have a lasting relationship.

Tips for lasting and harmonious relationships - Tips to healthy relationship

Maintaining a lasting relationship certainly requires an active role from you and your partner. The main tips for lasting relationships are:

1. Establish good communication

Reporting from the Psychology Today page, communicating with your partner is the main thing in maintaining a lasting relationship. Without good communication, there will be a lot of disagreement and arguments between you and your partner. So, take the time to contact your partner and give him / her attention. In addition, communicate about whatever you feel or think, and vice versa so that you understand each other better.

2. Trust each other

According to the Help Guide, trust is one of the keys to a lasting relationship. When you trust each other with your partner, you will not be overwhelmed by suspicion and prejudice so that your heart feels calmer.

This also makes your relationship with your partner always fine. Also make sure not to give or just get sweet promises because trust is an expensive thing.

3. Show affection

There may be different ways of showing affection for each person. There are those who can express it directly or show it through action. Either way, it can make the relationship last longer. You can give him small attention, remember his anniversary, make his favorite food, and so on.

4. Listen to each other's complaints

When there is a problem, some partners argue and don't want to listen to each other. Even though they both want to be understood. So, try to listen to each other about whatever is bothering each other. By listening, you will also better understand what your partner feels and what he needs.

5. Be wise in dealing with conflict

Each partner may resolve conflicts in different ways. However, make sure that this is not allowed to continue for a long time. Discussing, apologizing, or asking for time to calm down first are the right things to do. Being wise in dealing with problems can get them resolved immediately.

6. Do something fun together

Boredom and boredom are commonplace in a relationship, but if allowed to drag on, it can cause separation. It can be triggered by a lack of time or fun moments spent together. Therefore, do fun things with your partner, such as taking a vacation, watching your favorite movie, exchanging gifts, and so on, so that the relationship will still feel flowery. There's nothing wrong with asking your partner to spend time alone.

7. Insert jokes in the chat

Don't just always get serious, because there are times when relationships also need something funny. Too serious can make a relationship monotonous and quickly saturated. Therefore, insert jokes in small talk that can make you closer to your partner. When he makes him laugh, then you also make him happy to be around you.

8. Try to give appreciation even in small things

Even though it looks trivial, giving appreciation to your partner is important to maintain a lasting relationship. Because everyone would feel happy if they were appreciated and loved. You can give appreciation starting from simple things, such as thanking him for what he did for you or even big things, such as his achievements in education or career. This can also have a positive impact on both you and your partner. Indeed, no relationship can run smoothly because of course there will be conflicts that occur even if only small things. However, by doing these lasting relationship tips it can make your relationship stronger and more durable.

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