Tracing the term ghosting and how to overcome it

Breaking up or rejection can be painful. However, ghosting can also be traumatic for the person experiencing it. Relationships that are considered beautiful at first can cause deep wounds when a loved one suddenly disappears without a word.

Tracing the term ghosting and how to overcome it 

Some people can be indifferent when they are victims of ghosting, but there are also people who feel very betrayed. This can have an impact on his psychological condition, because he may continue to question the reasons why he was left behind.

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Cause Someone Is Ghosting

Ghosting is often seen as an easy way to end a relationship, not just dating, but friendship, work, or even marriage. There are several reasons for someone doing ghosting, including:

1. Feeling afraid

Most ghosting people have a fear of the relationship they are in, either afraid of being disappointed or afraid of feeling sick when the relationship ends.

Therefore, they decided to do ghosting in order to be free from this fear.

2. Avoid conflict in relationships

In a relationship, differences of opinion are common and can lead to conflict, especially if the relationship is emotionally close.

Now, not everyone is ready to face conflict in relationships, and this is often the reason people do ghosting.

3. Avoiding arguments when parting

When a relationship doesn't feel good anymore, not everyone can easily say parting words. In the end, ghosting becomes an easy option for breaking up without having to argue or explain why.

4. Feeling disconnected

Some people think that they are not bound by any kind of commitment in a relationship, especially friendships or relationships that are just in the exploration stage.

In this condition, the ghosting assumes that their relationship with the person they are leaving is independent or independent of one another, so it is okay to suddenly cut off communication and disappear.

5. Want to protect yourself

Unhealthy relationships can have a negative impact on a person's life. Suddenly cutting off communication by ghosting is sometimes seen as a way to protect oneself from such a toxic relationship.

How to Overcome the Ghosting Effect

For whatever reason, ghosting can make the person left behind feel confused, sad, angry, hopeless, or even depressed due to prolonged feelings of loss. That is why, ghosting cannot justify ending a relationship with another person.

If you are a victim of ghosting, there are several ways you can deal with these various negative emotions, namely:

1. Don't beat yourself up

Doing introspection is good and can make you a better person. However, don't keep blaming yourself, even though you think you've made a mistake. No matter what mistake you did, that person should not suddenly leave you without giving an explanation.

The person who left you may feel that you are not the right person for him. However, that doesn't mean you don't want or don't deserve to be loved by others. There are still many people who love you and care about you. So, try to always think positive.

2. Set a time limit

Give a time limit until when you will wait. You can try contacting the person concerned or close friends to ask for confirmation. That way, you can more easily accept the reality if indeed your relationship with him has ended and can immediately move on.

3. Divert your mind

Try to divert your mind by doing various activities that are fun, such as doing hobbies, playing sports, traveling to interesting places, hanging out with friends, or learning new skills.

Meditation with mindfulness techniques or doing yoga can also help you calm your mind and deal with stress.

4. Don't isolate yourself

Even though ghosting leaves deep wounds that make you sink, don't lock yourself in too long to lament the breakdown of your relationship. Support from the closest people, both family and friends, can help you get out of sadness and get excited about life again.

Have a fun event with your friends or family. Don't let yourself sink into pain, as this can lead to depression.

If the effect is ghosting makes your feelings uncertain so that it interferes with your daily activities and affects your relationships with other people, there's nothing wrong with consulting a psychologist for advice that suits your condition.

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