What age do females become sexually active ?

what age do females become sexually active

Woman on top is a sex position where a woman is on top of a man's body to penetrate during intercourse. Apart from being a favorite of many partners, the woman on top position also makes it easier for women to reach orgasm.

Woman on top sex position makes women more in control during sex. In addition to making it easier for women to reach climax, this position often makes it easier for men to be aroused when they see their partner more dominating during sex.

Here are 5 facts about women on top sex positions - what age do females become sexually active

Not only that, this position is also widely preferred because it is more comfortable for men when they start to get tired of having sex.

Various Interesting Information Regarding Woman on Top Sex Position

In the woman on top position, the man lies on his back and the woman occupies the man's penis when erect. If you and your partner have never tried this sex position and are curious to do it, first find out some interesting facts about the following woman on top sex positions:

What age do females become sexually active ?  - In age 17

1. Women are easier to reach climax

Woman on top allows women to be more proactive in controlling the rhythm and depth of penile penetration.

In addition, when having sex in this position, it is easier for men to provide stimulation to sensitive parts of women, such as the clitoris and breasts. This can make women more excited and easier to reach orgasm.

2. It is more comfortable for men

For men who are experiencing back pain, the missionary position will feel uncomfortable or even worse. In order for sex to feel more comfortable, try the woman on top position because this position can make men more relaxed and not move too much.

However, women need to be careful that their movements are not too excited. Excessive movement can put pressure on a man's pelvis and lower back, resulting in back pain.

To prevent back pain from getting worse, have intercourse with a woman on top on a slightly hard mattress, not a soft mattress. With a hard base, a man's back position can remain straight so that his back will feel more comfortable.

3. Risk of injury to the penis

Although it can make women and men more excited, the woman on top position can also pose a risk. A study reveals that woman on top can increase the risk of injury to the penis, even causing the penis to break.

In this position, the woman's body weight will rest on the erect penis. However, there are times when a woman is too excited to be unable to control her movements, even though the position of the penis is not right or bent. This is what can make the penis injury.

4. Not the right position to get pregnant

Any sex position can actually lead to pregnancy, as long as it is done without contraception and during the fertile period. However, there are several positions of intimate relationships that are considered to make conception more difficult and one of them is woman on top.

This is because this sex position will put a woman's body in a position that defies the force of gravity, making it more difficult for sperm to reach and fertilize an egg. Therefore, woman on top is not recommended for couples who want to have a baby.

5. Less comfortable for women with certain conditions

The woman on top position allows deep in penetration. However, this sex position can make women with certain conditions, such as uterine retroflexion or endometriosis, feel uncomfortable or even in pain.

Retroflexed uterus can cause the uterus to lie low enough in the pelvis to approach the ovaries or ovaries. Strong penetrating movements or sex with deep penetration can cause the head of the penis to hit the walls of the vagina and uterus or ovaries. This is what causes pain in women.

If you or your partner want to try the woman on top sex position, avoid moving too fast and rough. In addition to moving up and down, you can also try other variations of the woman on top movement, such as slow circular movements.

To make intercourse feel even more passionate, ask your partner to touch your sensitive areas, such as squeezing your breasts and buttocks, kissing the neck, or playing with the clitoris.

Besides being done while lying down, woman on top can also be done while sitting, depending on the comfort of you and your partner. If you feel uncomfortable, you can communicate with your partner. Good communication is the key so that you and your partner can enjoy an intimate relationship.

If you or your partner experience pain or other complaints when having sex in certain positions, such as woman on top, try to consult your doctor so that you can do an examination.

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